mds: Multi-Directional Stiffness

Carbon fibre used in different direction in the mould allows us to engineer the chainstays to be stiff and highly efficient when placed under the loads from pedalling, and yet have less stiffness in the direction that offers a comfortable ride.

Carbon Fibre Composite

Fibres of carbon are wound into a yarn, which is then woven into a flexible cloth-like material. The weave of the fibres, and the type of the fibres varies throughout each of our frames, allowing us to achieve the ride characteristics we want. This cloth-like material is then held in place by an epoxy resin, turning carbon fibre into carbon fibre composite. Carbon fibre by itself would make a bicycle that slumped down like a cloth bag... Only when it becomes a composite can it become stiff.


A hybrid of Greek and French that means quite simply, single-shell. Basically it means that the structure of our frames is all one piece, and that one piece is designed to carry all of the loads and forces given to the bike when riding. This one piece construction allows significant weight savings, but also allows stiffness to be put where it's needed, and reduced where it is beneficial for comfort reasons.


Our tapered steerer tube on our forks. It connects your stem to the main part of the forks, and also forms part of the rotational interface between the forks and the frame which allos you to steer. We use 1.5 inch bearings at the bottom of our headsets for long life and their greater load carrying capability, whilst we use a 1.25 inch bearing at the top for a reduction in weight. The tapered shape of the steerer tube also leads to a significant increase in stiffness in all directions, giving you more precise handling and steering.

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